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Hello World is right… I want to be the first to say what a beautiful day it is today and how greatful I am that I have friends that I am able to meet with by a virtual means and method. For one of the first times ever I can say its a treat to be alive today! Life is opening up new doors and its filled lately with big smiles from ear to ear. Happiness feels really good .. and I am loving life ! I have met nice people such as Puneet, Joe, Safeer, Tamer, Gita, Danny, Harry, Hans, Juliano, Simon, Nora, Jacob (aloha), Bereket, Marek, Carole, Hardik, Siddharth, and my list is getting longer… All of them are online and friends .. and 

I want to introduce you to – its been the cause of recent smiles from me since it came into existance on July 24, 2008. You can learn more about Getsmartmoodle at … and although we are under development – there are great things that are being discovered that are right online and just waiting to be uncovered … People are just incredible – fantastic … and more will be revealed … Smiling from ear to ear … 

Very best to each of you, 

Today is the present and tomorrow is a gift,